We have no proper recordings, we have had to ditch many of our songs, feeling that they didn't really encapsulate us as a band very accurately. We have only recorded our songs very basicaly on a BOSS Micro BR. We have no PA system, our singer is...well not doing anything due to the lack of equipment. We haven't gigged yet. We take sometimes two months to write a song. And yet, we are loving it!!!
We all believe our music is genuinely very good. We feel that buzz when your jamming and the room just lightens up in some spiritual way! Where it just falls into place and the most emotional and gritty sounds echo out!
Anybody got any advice for this weird situation?
I'm kinda Promoting my band in a way. This is a new way I thought I'd try. Instead of using the typical methods, I thought I'd try something outrageous. Do you think it works? .....HA!