I saw a blues junior selling for 270 CDN; mind you, Long and McQuade in canada sells it for 450 CDN despite the parity. So deciding that it's a good deal regardless, I phoned the seller. Apparently, there's a busted reverb, and he is going to fix it for $30 dollars... still a good deal, right?

The real problem is there's at least a dozen other people phoning in and show interest.
Thus, I have two choice:
a) Offer a deal, at least 300; I am willing to go to 325 CDN.
b) Forget it... too many people going for it and may offer a even better deal. (In that case, I will go for Super Champ XD instead)

He said phone back in 5 days, which is tommorrow, so i will phone him in then.
Offer 330 straight up
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