I like alot of his softer stuff, I've already done a cover of Christmas Time is here and I did learn For The Love of God, but I forgot most of it.

Does he have any acoustic stuff?
And we will weave in and out of sanity unnoticed
Swirling in blissfully restless visions of all our bleary progress
Glowing in radiant madness
I don't think he has acoustic songs

there is also tender surrender if you want a softer song
i always just improv over tender surrender, download the backing track, main riff is pretty easy, try and just flow with it without looking up the tab
+1 ^

sisters is a good acoustic-style song

theres somegood tabs out there for it aswell
Softer songs: All About Eve, K'm-Pee-Du-Wee, Lotus Feet, Rescue Me Or Bury Me, I'm Becoming, The Silent Within. All of which are my favorite songs oddly enough.
Nor less I deem that there are Powers
Which of themselves our minds impress;
That we can feed this mind of ours
In a wise passiveness.

There's some songs that are acoustic based but build up the arrangement. Dyin' Day has some good acoustic stuff in it, as do All About Eve, Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways) and Rescue Me Or Bury Me. The only song I can think of that's entirely acoustic is I'm Your Secrets.