I am very eager to record my guitar into my laptop but am unsure on how to do it. I used to just plug my guitar into my boss gt6 and the gt6 into the laptops mic input. This sounded really bad so i did some research and found out about recording interfaces. I am still unsure on how they work and what they do. I also and would like to know if that is all i would need in order to do quality recordings on my laptop. I have found on ebay the BEHRINGER U-CONTROL There is a link here http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=220209556605&Category=23784&_trksid=p3907.m29
Would this be what i need to record into my laptop or is there something else that is needed?
Any help would be Greatly appreatiated.
Any USB interface will sound better than your laptop. The one you have is all you need...though you could get better (RCA in and out is not the best IMHO, especially if you plan on running longish cable lengths).
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RCA in and out is not the best IMHO, especially if you plan on running longish cable lengths

you don't really know what you're talking about, do you?
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Thanks for the reply, can you please tell me what rca in and out is?

It's the inputs and outputs that Behringer uses. They're often used by turntables and DJ mixers due to their affordability and the fact that its been around. If you're running a cable that's 15 or more feet long, there's a chance you'll get hum in your signal. Then again, you could easily buy a hum killer (Behringer HD400) and one more TRS-TRS cable if it turns out to be an issue.

In any case, to connect from your Boss to this interface, you'll need this kind of cable, and connect it from your output jack of your Boss GT6 (left) to the inputs of the Behringer. I don't think you'll need a stereo sound. I'd still recommend an affordable interface that can offer you some gain...like this one which could help add a little tube sound to your place. All you'll need is to get a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter for the cable that you're currently using to plug into the laptop...those are only $1 to $2 and come with headphones.

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Right bro, grab a Line 6 TonePort GX for $130: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-TonePort-UX1-USB-RecordingModeling-Interface?sku=249700 This interface will play the role of a soundcard while it is connected to your computer.

This has an XLR input, a TRS instrument input, two 1/4" line ins, two 1/4" line outs, a monitor input, and a headphone jack. It is a USB interface with pretty much the best modeling software for guitars. In your original post you said you just want to capture guitars, well this does just that with great quality and great results, plus lets you record vocals when the time comes. If you have a digital drumset, you could connect it to the TonePort too.

Stick with TRS (1/4" instrument/speaker cables) connections man. It's the standard in the recording world along with XLR cables. They use a larger connector, larger cables, cost the same, and are more durable and accepted. Those factors help it conduct the sound signal better than the old RCA cables.
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Is the UX1 just a more advanced GX or do they do completly different things. I cant buy from that website because i live in Australia but i have been on an Australian website that says the rrp for the GX = 150 and the rrp for the UX1 = 300
The thing is i know someone who is selling there UX1 for 150 Should i go for that or is the GX more what i would be after
edit: i just realised that in your post you recomended the GX but the link is for the UX1 what one do you suggest would be better for what i would want?
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The difference is the UX1 has a microphone preamp, while the GX doesn't. I personally wouldn't go for them, since they're meant for recording with Line6's own amps, and are a bit overpriced IMHO. It's better to get a little interface like this one, which is cheaper, and can even make your recording sound a little more organic with the tube inside (though I recommend replacing it with a Tungsol or Groove Tube).