im getting all mixed up
i need to let it all out
have a long grumble through my life
and they way things go
i'd need something professional
but i couldnt afford to pay enough

is she out to get me
is she in love
is it me
or is it something else
confusion burns
and leaves me not knowing what to do
but she still says her love is true

Things are getting fu*ked up
ive put myself in this rut
having knowone to blame
is driving me insane
wheel me down the hall
and strap me down
to stop me turning thing upside down

is that blackness
or is it hope
is it a new beginning
or is the pieces i left broke
this confusion still burns
and leaves me in the blue
with this why does she still promise her love is true

the time has gone, ive blown it away
hopefull i can live to fu*k it up another way again
back to finding someone whose lonliness i can share
but nice guys finish last so whay should i care
just lock me in my thoughs and strap me down
the clear white walls will hide the dark
there no fool in love, loving makes the fool
now i will never believe when i hear my love is true.

Feedback would be nice.
Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on.
You can forget our future plans.
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