well I've been having somewhat of a bout with writers block/lack of inspiration and what not, and what have you, writing about a line to a song every few days, but today I was in quite a "**** it" mood so I just sat down with an acoustic guitar and these happened to be the words that came out. Its sort of acousticish punkish type nonsense, I'll post the sound file of the instrumental part in just a moment and then edit tit in. Its missing vocals because everyone is asleep now and I was unable to record the vocals in time, just barely finished the instrumental part. and here goes, not quite a serious song. but anyway....

sitting in my room
staring at the wall
ain't got nothin to do
cept wait and watch for your call

this world is a changin fast
but I keep slowing down
its never going to change me
I'll always be around

the clock keeps ticking down
and people are all goin somewhere
I'll just stay here and **** around
I don't have a place to be goin

think I might write a letter
then throw it away in doubt
think I might build my brain
or maybe ill just blow it out

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vocals in their enventuallity, will basically sound like a 15 year old kid trying to imitate johnny thunders and whoever the **** sang for black flag.
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