Pit, I need your help. Yesterday I was on the computer, playing a game (diablo 2 fyi) and there was a banging sound from the harddrive area of the computer. nothing else happened so I kept playing. When I was done, I pressed the button to eject the cd but the drive was jammed.

Five hours and much unscrewing and dismantling, I opened up the cd drive and found the cd...in about five million pieces.
I have absolutely no idea how my cd exploded. anyone know why, or have similar experiences?
Your drive was spinning much too fast, but I think that's obvious.
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It's probably because it was running too fast and some needle thing or something somewhere was in the wrong place. Or just the needle thing. Yeah. I'm quite the computer wizz.

I've never had any cd problems myself, but stories are being told of a man who had his CD launched out of his cd-rom driver. He lost his hand because of that CD and now he roams the street with a wooden hand, like a pirate. Only without the ships and rum and stuff.
Get a new Cd drive to be safe. My DVD burner with Litescribe was only like $30.
it probably got hot or just a little bit off-axis, and centripetal forces and stuff clicked together just right to completely obliterate it. it's not unheard of either, i know someone who had a CD break in about five pieces in a school laptop.

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has the cd ever been abused(ie. left in the sun alot). if it was then the cd just failed but if not just be safe and get a new drive
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I've seen that happen on Mythbusters. Apparently, if they was nothing keeping the CD in the drive, the shards of CD are going at well over fast enough to pierce the skin.
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