Hello everybody, my friend wants to buy a new bass. Right now he has a really bottom of the barrel ibanez bass. The genres he plays are Blues, Classic rock, Punk, and Hard Rock (like Guns N Roses type stuff). He has 600 dollars to spend and we are heading up to Guitar Center tomorrow morning. He has been looking at this bass... http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Deluxe-P-Bass-Special-4-String-Bass-515201-i1148626.gc

Is there any more that are better for the price?

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That is a very good choice.
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Thanks both of you. Anyone else with any more suggestions?
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Yup...the Fender Dlx Active P is a great bass.

i agree!
he should also check out the Fender Jazz offerings. like the Jazz 24. imo Fender dominates the $600 range. it's the top of their "B" list, and the bottom of their "A" list. there are some nice basses in this range.

This is a great option as well.
It's a nice, versatile bass, so he could use it for the genres he plays.
He should, however, try it first, I can imagine thant the thin neck isn't something everyone likes.
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i'd suggest getting the jazz bass deluxe with active pickups instead. it's a little more versatile for the styles he wants to play.
How come no one's asked about his amp?

imo (ok, this is a pretty widespread opinion, but still) a Good amp will help his tone WAY better than a good bass. A Good Bass through Bad amp won't sound all that great, but a Bad Bass through a good amp could sound way better. Unless there is something wrong with the playability of his ibanez, i would say try a new amp.

What kind of amp does he have? is it any good?
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You could haggle the guy and get a jaguar bass for under 700....

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Man, you get things for so cheap in the US, it sucks here in the UK. Anyway, I'd go for the Deluxe bass that you posted, for the price it is a very good bass.

That'd be about £300 right? We get them for around £420 in the UK