Hey guys, ive been playin bass for a little over a year now, and im getting restless of playin alone (especially since i play bass ^_^) im considerin lookin for people to jam with casually to get better but dont know if im quite good enough, do u guys reckon that about a year is enough to get into practicing with others
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Everyones different, only you can decide.

Plus, im sure you can find someone whos only been playing guitar for a little more than a year and you guys would fit perfect.
It's not going to be too early, unless you find yourself among a bunch of stuck up idiots who have no patience.

Ask around and, if you can, find other bassists and ask about just playing together. If you have a teacher, ask him/her what local musicians you could play with.
I think you're probably ready to play with a lot of people, but it's up to you to decide. If you play consistently for a year, you could suck or you could be amazing. The amount of time you've been playing often doesn't say much.
It's never to play with other people, as logn as they're indeed not stuck up idiots without patience. Or... well maybe you've practiced your ass off and blow people away with quality that can hardly be achieved in a year.
Anyway, playing with other people is essential for a musician. You cannot start to early with that :P
about 325 days or something... why?
EDIT ahh i should have read it, its never to early you should learn alot.
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about 325 days or something... why?

Fair enough u didnt read first.... but 325?
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Playing in a band is generally much more fun than just playing by yourself. Start whenever you feel you are ready.

Just so you know, I played for about 13 months before I got into a band.
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My friend has been playing bass for not even a year and he's great to jam with, I say go find someone to jam with.
Try to find one or two like-minded musician friends that are always up for a jam. That's what I'd do/have done and it's pretty great.