I've always been interested in knowng how a song goes from being a vague idea to a completed song you hear on the radio. If any musician here has done this before, could you list specifically step-by-step what you did to do this? I would just like a template to follow so I have some idea on how to do this. Thank you!

For example:

1.) Song Idea
2.) Song Form
3.) Lyrics

generally it comes together as a encounter between a song idea (for lyrics and subject matter) and a set of riffs... its then just a question of writing out the lyrics and vocal melodies to fit the music
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This belongs in music talk or songwriting & lyrics techniques sorry, so *reported*

but to actually help you could build up from anything. It could be a lyric, a riff, a drum beat...
also make sure you know some music theory so you know atleast how to write in key...
well for me it's either i'm just messin around on my guitar and come up with a sweet riff, then write the rest of the song for it, or something really motivates me to write lyrics, then once i'm done with those i write the music.
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For me, since I was a writer long before I was a musician, I almost unfailingly get a couple catchy lines in my head first. So I suppose it goes like this:

1) Random inspiration
2) A group of words or a line stuck in my head
3) Play around with random poetry in my mind and see if anything sticks
4) Write down whatever sticks
5) See if I can make up the rest of the song as quickly as I can before any interesting thoughts disappear

The rhymes tend to work themselves out; the formula (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, woteva) does the same. I never restrict my lyrics so a specific pattern before I get them out of my head.

But yeah, this is in the wrong forum. Good luck, though.