Nice to be nice but what comes from that
real emotion left to boil while you hide from what?
now your alone until you see those pretentious faces
if thats all it takes to give you delusional feeling of not being down
but you should see your all alone
you go to them and knowone want to come around

so when you thing your all alone
and knowone wants to be around
let it out and be yourself and all will be respected
life will calm down and all be less hectic
no longer for company will you wounder what to do
people like yourself will be there to love and thats where i see you

Get the hint get the messages knowone cares
people will not feel sadness for your problems till they become theres
you cant run away or drown these thoughts away
forget about others and tomorrow and live for the day
if you have a problem you just cant hide
kill the problem dead straight to the ground
honesty and emotions is all it takes to end the fight

the reality is as simple as all this
until people see you they will never give a sh*t
express yourself and let yourself express
and no longer will you cry alone or feel that depressed
come from the outside to the warm of the reality
no longer will tey push you, push you around
and you can walk no longer with your face to the ground
Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on.
You can forget our future plans.
read the rules on amounts. one a day, sorry dude.
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