Ok, i need some help here to get 4 solo pieces (with maybe basic and simple accompaniment) but i've been having trouble getting songs to pass at excellence level, because i know i can. Im doing Level One NCEA (for those of you who dont know what that is its like New Zealand qualifications) in music. The pieces need to be contrasting, and i play both electric and acoustic guitar. Below is the list of rules and specifications that it needs to reach for the level I am aiming at. If you llok, its not that hard, but it is to find 4 perfect yet contrasting songs.

1. Perform contrasting pieces of music as a featured soloist in front of an audience.
2. If performs as part of duo or small group then mustbe easily seen and heard and has a separate identifyable part.
3. Performance should demonstrate evidence of technique,accuracy, musicianship and presentation.
4. May choose to have an accompanist but accompanist is not assessed.
5. Approximately Three minutes in duration.

To Achieve at Excellence level:

Electric Guitar:
Generally More fluent and faster.
More Complex Chords, (jazz chords, 9ths and 11ths)
Open stings in high-up chords
Runs- in with the chords (chord and lead sound together)
Slurs and slides in with chords.
Syncopations and Funk.
Fingerpicking; Tonal variations, syncopation, lead figures in between fingerpicking.
Combinations- a number of techniques all on one pick
Whole tone bends
barre chords without hesitation.

I can play at this level, its just finding a good song to suit, im open to anything, and i also sing. My vocal range is average low, but i can sing high when abso lutely needed.

Help a girl out and give me some ideas, all is greatly appreciated.
All of the music that I can think of that fits those requiredments are the Jazz band pieces that we play but you need the rest of the band to make it sound good.

thanks, i dont play ukulele. If anyone has some songs PLEASE HELP... im running out of time fast and i need these songs or pieces PRONTO
Thanks, Chloe
Quote by MasticateWenis'

Slurs and slides in with chords.

I'm sorry I can't help with the situation but I thought slides were slurs also. Can anyone confirm one or the other.
TS, do you play any jazz at all? If you do, I'd seriously recommend some chord/melody. That would probably incorporate chords, barre chords, slide, fingerpicking, tonal range etc.

I'm wondering about your question Nacho. See, legato, is the term that refers to the "slurred, smooth, non stacatto" playing. But it also refers to physical slurs and slurs at the same time can work as a slide, though I would have considered that more of a glissando, depending if you hold your finger down whilst you slide or if you lift it therefore, the notes in between don't sound.

Gah, that's awfully confusing.
thanks confusius, im for anything really. Blues, jazz, even metal. if you could get me any music that would get me an excellence it would be gratefully appreciated.