you dont

zakk wylde said if you want to get pinch is right everytime you have to do them down
you can, i dont really know how tho.
maybe sliding the pointer finger down so it catches when you pick up
it's not that hard to get them... the string has touch the last joint on ur index finger when u pick up.

at least that's how i've done them.
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jus wondering, cause i seen people strum while using pinch harmonics before..thought it was a lil wierd though
I do it that way all the time its using downstrokes that annoys me
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You can do it. I catch the string with the last joint of my second finger.

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It's fairly difficult, though that may just be due to the fact that I've never tried it before, but I've just done it by catching the string with the tip of my index finger.
I do it touching the string with the tip of the middle finger.
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I used to do it a lot by hitting the node with the last knuckle of my first finger on my picking hand. I kind of fell out of practice, though.
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somehow i can trem pick PHs, as stated above theyre only reliable when i use my thumb though.

you have to keep your index finger very close to the edge of the pick. i use the rounded side of my pick so that probably helps too.
I actually use an upstroke for pinch harmonics the majority of the time, but it's because I hold the pick with three fingers and it's easy to stick my middle finger out a bit and tap the string. I find it's actually easier to do them with an upstroke on the bottom three strings, E, A, and D, while for G, B, and e using a downstroke works best.
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