So, i'm sick and tired of my strings snapping (i use .9's), and i was wondering, does changing my string gauge to 10's would help?

I have tried 11's once and they're good, but they feel too tight for me. So i think 10s will be fine.

So, does changing my string gauge help me with my strings problem? And if i should change them, do i have to worry about setting up my string height or anything?

I'm playing in standard and sometimes i go to drop c and B. So, i think that would just lessen string rattle a bit. But, do i need to setup my guitar because of the gauge change?
Well just changing one gauge isn't going to be a big deal. You might want to check the intonation on it which is really easy to do. Just google it. The truss rod might need a very minor adjustment but if you have never done that don't worry about.