I really want a JCM 900, but I'd rater not use ebay or cragslist because of the whole sight unseen thing. I am having trouble finding any stores that sell them new or used, I've tried guitar center, and I check the local pawnshops, but I still haven't found anything. I live about 45 minutes northeast of dallas if that helps.
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Craigslist is fine because it's for local sales. Obviously if someone is selling one local to you they are going to let you try it before you buy it etc so there is no problem there really. Usually you'll have a better chance of finding one there than in any local shops.
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i got lucky and found my JCM900 in my local music store they just got it on trade the day i brought it home. check out your music stores around you and put up a wanted sign on craigslist in your area.. another good site is www.kijiji.com just find your area listed in the site.