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Floor/Pit Seats
30 83%
Ist Balcony
6 17%
2nd Balcony
0 0%
Outside the building
0 0%
Voters: 36.
I have the chance to go see Queens (of the Stone Age), but all the floors are sold out. I can get really close seats though, and I'm wondering if it would be worth it. I've read people's reviews of concerts, and everyone seems to have different preferences. So UG, what's your preferred seating at a concert?

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Not standing
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floor is best, but otherwise, at the major concert venues in my city (Acer Arena, Hordern Pavillion). Side view is probably a really good choice because you still get really close and the price of tickets is usually slightly lower
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floor/pit.....if not, you aren't enjoying the true energy of the show to its full effect.....of course this is dependent on who you are going to see.
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Considering I go to small venues to see metalcore/grindcore deathcore bands and all that jazz, I am always in the pit or front row.
sometimes it depends on what venue

there are some places where i live that it really doenst matter where you are
some you really want to be standing
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Gotta be the pit, my first concert (2008 Taste of Chaos) was on the floor, next one will definately be there too, fucking awesome!