I know some UGers enjoy the rap / hip-hop stuff. Please dont correct me on the genre if its wrong, really isnt an issue.

Please make an offer or I will assume you want the CD for what it was bought for. None of the CDs have scratches, and most come with the original receipt from where, and how much they were bought for. I will take PayPal or Money Order for these.

Eminem Presents The RE-UP - Bought for $18.01

G Unit - Beg For Mercy - Bought for $13.99

Sean Paul - Dirty Rock - Bought for $14.99

Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds - Not sure how much it was bought for

Usher - Confessions - Bought for $14.99
Why are we so wicked indecisive
Let's hit the streets with toy explosives
And let's enjoy what we have