this little belief of mine all started when i watched the movie american gangster, in this movie there was a certain part that really got to me. this was when denzel washingtons mother smacked him. that was the single moment that opened my eyes, i realized that there was a deeper discrimination sweeping the world, the discrimination on who it is ok to smack. now hear me out, if someone back talks you will you not back smack them? now why should mamas be exempt from suck smackings? you know what......THEY SHOULDNT! both martin luther king jr and malcolm x fought against prejudice and segregation, well isnt choosing who is exempt from a good smack prejudice aswell, i think so, some people might think im mad but ill tell you something.... it takes a mad man to live in a mad world. i mean its people like me(whose eyes are open) that when the walls come crashing down we're gonna rise to the top to create our world, our EQUAL world. i mean as long as you other people keeps your eyes closed to such conspiracies you will remain blind and will fall when the walls come crashing down, and try as i might to save you all, even the strongest man cannot lift the world on his shoulders. think of it like this if your eyes are closed when your crossing the street then youll be hit by a car, and if your eyes are closed when the walls come crashing down SOCIETY will hit you and there will be nothing to save you from falling. malcolm x once said "by any means neccsesary" and i will follow that quote with all my being. see people, daddys gone across the ocean for a reason, because his eyes were open and he knows as they continue to put another brick in the walls they will come crashing down and he'll be with me to rise to the top, to rise to equality.........
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We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
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