ok, so i spent the day making this piece. It;s going to be the intro track for the EP im working on. I really am quite pleased with it and im rarely pleased with anything I do. Tell me what you think...

its called good morning pt 1 and 2 on my myspace (link in sig)
lol, i like the intro guitar with the violin sounding things in the background, can't really say much about the singing lol, as ur speaking, i think it would def make a good intro to an EP, how did u record it?? i just listened to ur others and i especially like ur voice in when we burn, overall gd songs and keep them coming

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First of all, I'm a big spoken word fan so I'm sort of biased when it comes to this.. lol. But with that said, I like your sound. Because it's spoken word, I can't really say much about the singing but the vocals combined with the instrumentation itself definitely sets a mood. The transition from the first song to the second is relatively flawless and works fairly well. I definitely think you're on the brink of something very very cool here. By the way, your other song, "Your Mirror", is not too shabby either..
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