sorry for all the posts today
i tried to record onto my mac through the external input and ever since i plugged in my Mac is absolutely silent. I can't get any sound out of the internal speakers or through external ones.
I've looked it up and it seems a lot of people have had this problem but in all of those cases there was a red light coming from the headphone jack and the sound settings were set to "Digital Out". Mine doesn't even have the option of Digital Out just, Internal speakers. The fixes recommended for that don't work for me
anyone know how to fix this?

i'll just take it to the apple store soon if not
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It's a virus for sure.......Your Mac will die in 3....2....1.....

Mac a virus? APOCALYPSE
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The audio signal is being sent back out into whatever you're using as an audio input. IE-if you have a firewire interface, both the incoming audio and outgoing audio will be sent to whatever headphone jack is on your interface. You can switch it back to built-in output depending on what program you're using.
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you're funny
anyone with a legit suggestion?
also when i use garageband and try to record through the internal mic it doesn't work and the volume bar thing is completely filled like it's hearing something really loud.
Take it to the Apple Store... My friend had the same problem when we worked at an Apple Store and they had to send it to depot to get repaired... They replaced the sound card. Make sure you backup your data though... They are going to format you drive when they repair it.

Make sure you make an appointment to go in... The Genius Bar works on appointments.
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