We were asked to play at my schools event, and we have only been together for two weeks. We practiced the day before the event, and we had the bassist for one day. We do the Darkness, and had a girl from the audience sing for us, since we don't have a vocalist yet, but just listen to the guitar. The second is a Zeppelin jam of How Many More Times...enjoy:

I am the tall one with the Schecter/Strat.

I play the last solos here, and my buddy plays the first:


Here I play pretty much all the solos:


Thanks for listening, and let us know what you think. Please remember we only practiced the day before
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diggin the led zeppelin jam.

IBIATCL was sweet. Singer sounded unsure, but one parctice, good...
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Yeah, our audience was in out schools amphitheater, and it was towards the end. I am guessing there were a total of about 50-75 people listening.

Me and my friend are seniors, and his little brother is on drums, and his friend is on bass.
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guys, I can't really rate you. Why would you want to play a gig in the first place if you only had enough time for one practice? it was just not tight at all. I could forgive the fact that the band as a unit wasn't tight (seeing as you only had one practice) if you'd at least practiced your own parts and could play them well on your own but it doesn't sound like you did that either. all in all a pretty sloppy performance. sorry dudes
The only thing that bugged me majorly about it was that the singer was constantly a beat behind.

Which is a shame, 'cause he's pretty good otherwise.
The singer is a girl, and she was behind because the mic kept cutting off and she couldn't really hear that well, or so she said.

And to Captain Planet, it was our first gig ever, so that's why it was a little sloppy, and we practiced our parts in IBIATCL for a while, but if you're talking about the Zep song, we were just jammin man we don't practice solos for a jam.
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