I think my neck pickup is a bit louder than my bridge pickup on my Ibanez Prestige, which is odd saying as I have an EVO in the bridge. Well anyways I have to make the pickup higher to make it louder right? Can I do that with the strings on? How exactly would I make it higher?
Screws in the middle of the pickup on the side addjust height... You can do it with the strings on and eve nthe guitar on and playing. Best way to setup actually.. Thats how i hit my sweet spot when im adjusting mine...
No need to take the strings off. To adjust the pickup heights you just have to adjust the screws in the middle of the pickups rings on each side. Experiment with the heights, ideadlly the volumes should be approximately the same. You might want to lower the neck pickup instead of raising the bridge one.
Raising the pickup will make it louder, but if it is too close then it will buzz and distort. To raise the pickup tighten (turn clockwise) the set screws on each side of the pickup. If you want more treble or more bass make the side of the pickup which is under those strings closer.