Keep it there if it's comfortable for you. There really are no rules. As long as it's good for you go with it.
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Well it depends on several things. If you are left handed and play ordinary Guitar, (anything but classical Guitar) then you are holding it right. If you are right handed, and you are holding it on your left leg, then you are playing it the way a classical Guitar is played. If you play regular electric or Acoustic, move the hump on the underside of the Guitar, and rest it on your right leg. Hope this helps!
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Keep it there if it's comfortable for you. There really are no rules. As long as it's good for you go with it.

he lies..................................

are you left handed? if you strum with your right hand then you should generally put it on your right leg.
Quote by creativlogic
Keep it there if it's comfortable for you. There really are no rules. As long as it's good for you go with it.

Just keep it comfortable... when I play acoustic I sometimes play with it in my lap between legs (classical style). Other times, particularly when I'm in a music posture chair, I play with it flat against my stomach. If im just chilling at home with my electric, I tend to have it kind of more to my side kind of angled a little bit.
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(Assuming you fret with your left hand; this is the standard way of playing)

What you're doing is odd for a rock musician, but certainly acceptable. In general, it's about comfort. You may do something unusual and although you should try to teach someone the fundamentals before letting them break standard rules and customs, if something works for you, it's generally fine.
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I usually rest the guitar on my left leg, should I switch?

It doesn't matter, I have it laying on my shoulders sometimes, I noticed that depending on the size and shape of the guitar, you might have to center the point of gravity or just have the guitar where playing is a bit more comfortable. It's all preference.
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I mostly play on the acoustic and i hold that this way, and i am a soon owner of a flying v so i will keep it that way with the electric too. It is more comfortable for me then the normal way, i feel that i have more control of the fretboard this way.

But i dont have any place too rest my left foot but usually i am on the toes with that foot.
There are basically two styles of holding a guitar while you are sitting.

The "hippie" style, which is where the body of the guitar rest on your right leg.

And the Classical style, which is where your left foot is on a stool (or any raised platform), the body of the guitar rest on your left leg, elevating the guitar at about a 45 degree angle, which allows greater comfort, stability, and tone production.

In the first few years I started playing guitar I played what I call the "hippie style". But I started learning classical guitar, and thus use the other style as well. At this point, I play in the classical style, because it really does allow you greater freedom and accessability of the fret board, but there is no "correct" way to do it, just find what works for you.

And if your left handed, reverse everything I just said.

Live is another story.
I usually play in my heavy metal position (a standing position of course), with my guitar at my knees, braced knees for balance, and wild headbanging.