Kind of started a side project inspired by Aphex Twin.
Two tracks, Stutterfly and How Dead the Air Is.
Personally, I prefer Stutterfly, but both songs are good.
They get better further in,
Please criticize!
Anything is useful! And I have a question, whats a good way to make ambient hits like the song Prep Gwarlek 3B by Aphex Twin?

Check it out here:

The first song, Stutterfly, is kind of a song I relate to something I saw. A butterfly was hurt or something, and it was just writhing on the ground and trying to fly, but it was stuttering and it's wings would stop and start, and looked all twitchy. That's the base inspiration for Stutterfly.

The second song, How Dead The Air Is, was my first real attempt at Fruity Loops. Nothing really special, just a song, ment to be relaxing and peaceful.

Yorkke is derived from Thom Yorkes last name, Yorke being my idol. The extra K is the first letter of my name stuck in there. Ta da.

Thanks for your time!

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