SO im trying to learn a couple of licks but i cant play them up to speed.
I know i need to practice them until i get to speed, but is there any specifically way i should do this like using a metronome or whatnot

The lick im trying to play is the one from Love Buzz by Nirvana:

d--2--------------------------------| x4

any help/tips would be appreciated.

also, Im trying to learn more solos, so I choose Another Brick in the Wall Part II (which sounds easy) and I already looked at the tab and it doesn't look so difficult, so how hard would you say the solo is for a beginner/ low intermediate player? Any other solos that are easy? (I got down Wish You were Here and Smells like Teen Spirit)

Metronomes can be a pain, but they really help. If you practice a lick at a speed that you can play it perfectly at, speed will come with time. Just write down what metronome speed you're playing it at each day and record it when you could play it faster. It sounds lame, but you have no idea how much it helps.
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besides using a metronome, try pulling off instead of sliding, it will be easier and faster to play.
Oh, also on the Love Buzz lick, am I supposed to strum every note or should i do hammer ons/offs? and what speed is the lick actually played at? (i tried the metronome and I can play it at 184 BPM cleanly, but that's in single notes, so to get the lick to sound like the song how many notes should i play in how many BPM?

Thnx again
Quote by corp769
besides using a metronome, try pulling off instead of sliding, it will be easier and faster to play.

yea Im not sliding, but I can't get the pull offs to sound very loud, so should i pick every note, or what notes should i pick?
you actually can skip the metro on lick if you have the feel to do them good after some practice