My friend just bought a Fender Fm 212dsp today, and wanted to know some settings. He needs a setting for a heavy tone, a metal sound, and maybe a blues setting. Suggestions?
Tell him to take it back. That is a good setting. And yes, I am an asshole.
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Fender FM DSPs suck. And don't get a Fender amp if you're going to be trying to get a metal tone.
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I have the same amp and what I do for my default hard rock/metal sound is i have the bass at 5, the mid at 3 and the treble at 9. I like to use the second reverb setting and I keep the FX level at about 6. I have the gain all the up to 9 and the volume on the guitar turned all the way up with the tone pot turned to the max as well. I use my bridge pickup for the main stuff like chord progressions, riffs, harmonics, squeals, etc and I switch to the neck pickup for solos, things on the higher frets or if I want a more bassy tone or hear less attack from the pick. The sound will depend a lot on your guitar too. All this comes out of my Ibanez RGT42DX. I hope this helped!
A) It's a bad amp, and it's not a metal amp.

B) Settings thread for settings.
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