I recently visited a reputable music store in my area (Parkway Music) and found an old Ibanez RG sitting on the wall. It was a little out of shape as far as tuning and action go, but it was in a dark, seemingly neglected part of the store, so I suppose that was to be expected. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the serial # in order to do a bit more private research; while waiting for them to respond to my email, I was wondering if the crack team of UG knowledge freaks could help me out .

The guitar was an RG body shape with a black headstock, and it had a purple finish over a flamed maple top (or a least it was painted to look like a flame). It had a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and a trem system that looked like a LoPro, but I'm probably mistaken. It had an interesting wiring system that somehow incorporated the use of two humbuckers into a 5-way switch (No one knew what the other two functions were, so if anyone here could tell me that as well I'd be very happy.)

I seem to remember that it was a 350 series, but I'm not certain. If anyone has seen a guitar like this, please tell me.
the 320 sounds right. I looked it up and it's a good match.

The thing is only $200 as is, so you think I should get it? My current guitar is less than satisfactory and the Ibanez is much better IMO
contact with the guitar store says that it's the 320fm.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it, can anyone recommend anything better for that price?
320 or 350 = Edge 3 tremolo which SUCK.
Avoid at all costs.
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The first two replies are incredibly retarded.

And yeah RG350FM in lavender.

Sorry about the first reply i threw that one up quick and wasnt paying attention..

I couldn't find anything on your rg350fm but i did find a RG320FM that fit the bill

Are you sure it's equipped with a lo pro? If yes, could not be a 320. I bet it's a rg520. You did not mention if it has a pickguard and it does not have a mid PU so i bet it is not a 550.

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I recently visited a reputable music store in my area (Parkway Music)

Clifton Park New York?

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I don't think the guitar you are referring to is an RG350 or even 370 - but in any case, if it is, avoid that guitar man - I had an Ibanez RG350DX which I bought on a whim, and then didn't play it for 2 years, 'cos it was a piece of **** - I was actually able to sell it off for an incredible price simply because the person who I sold it to, wanted to buy something that looked like a JEM ( I had the white one, with the jeweled pick guard).