hey im sorta new and this is my first day on forums
i am looking for an electric guitar, since i don't have one
and equiptment to go along(amp, etc..)
and i have 600$ to spend
i play literaly everything
metal, rock, punk, indie, classic,classical, blues, funk, regge, etc
i have been asked to play in a decent band
what should i go for
um....what kind of band?

i say used epi les paul or sg standard and a tube combo
Ibanez S520ex
Epiphone G-400
Roland Microcube
Alvarez MC90
sorry about that, but in all seriousness by a bc rich and a marshal mg cab. dont get any better then that.
Welcome to UG, dude.

Maybe look at some Epiphone... what amp do you have?

EDIT: Whoops, didn't read the whole thing. Maybe also for an amp a Roland Cube?
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probly rock/classic rock or indie
but this guitar would also be to fool around with
If you want to play EVERYTHING, then I would suggest strat. Plus, they're easy to upgrade or switch out parts if there's something you don't like about it. Epi Les Pauls are good, but they're better for hard rock than for classical or cleaner stuff. Strats, though, can do it all, even coming close to Les Paul sounds with the right pickups and stuff.
Epi LP Standard is a great guitar, take a look at one of those. If you choose a Strat, then go for HSS, since only Singel-Coil don't sound good if you play metal.