ok i used the search bar, and about 19 threads came up on the same thing, "What are scalloped frets? "

well, im not here to ask that.

What i need to know, is how exactly can i scallop my frets. i have a customized strat i'm putting together, and im wondering if i could scallop my frets, 12th-21st frets. What can i use? could i just use sandpaper and sand down between the frets until their, ...scalloped? lol. what is the best way to do it?

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Huge tutorial on www.projectguitar.com

When i scalloped 12-24 I used a round file. Some masking tape to cover the frets with and then some 400grit sandpaper to smooth out after i filed it. takes a bit of time but the results are pretty good.
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