Ive been hearing a lot of good things about this amp. My questions are would it be a good choice to get a sound like avenged sevenfold/three days grace/as i lay dying? and basically is it a good amp for what its worth?
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They are ok, but it's a total rip off on a Peavy 6505 (5150) and the 6505 is way better than a Bugera (and yes, they are both geared for the sounds you are looking for).
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I heard that it sounds quite different (or different enough) from a 5150. And it supposedly has pretty good cleans.
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yeah dude just buy a used 6505
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhN6iLMtm74 sounds pretty good to me. The drawback as I just got done telling someone els is that no one knows how reliable they will be in the long run.
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if you have the money bro; just spring for a 6505+;

that's what I did; because these Bugera's look great and I almost bought one; but at the same time I figured that I want something that's proven to be reliable by the many bands that use them.

Every weekend i'm at a venue downtown and all the metal bands use them.

aka; Bugera = ****ing awesome if they turn out to be a reputable brand

6505+ = no questions asked: the industry standard.