So does any one else enjoy watching Vh1 Classic on here?

I think the last thing I saw was Classic 60 minutes with the Eagles. Pretty good stuff, then they had Hell Freezes over afterwords but I changed it because I have it on DVD.

So this is the thread to discuss the shows on Vh1 classic.

Ya....I tend to spend several hours on end watching Vh1 Classic. I watched two hours on Elvis Presley, and it was shortly followed by two hours of Queen stuff. Highly informative and a terrific resource to us as musicians as a history lesson. =)
i love VH1 classic. its amazing. so informative on basically everything
Bands I've seen live:

Def Leppard
Alice in Chains
Foo Fighters
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Classic Albums is another favorite. I think I still have DSOTM saved on my DVR, I keep rewatching it and rewatching it. I just can't get enough of the info they pass on to fans, it's pretty good.

Vh1 Classic is one of the best stations on the tv and is what Vh1, MTV, and FUSE should be.
VH1 Classic rocks. I love all the BBC shows. The History of Rock n' Roll and seven ages of rock series were awesome too. I think they focus a bit too much on the eighties, though.
This is basically the only channel i watch. I hardly watch tv anymore because there's a lot of crap on, but VH1 classic is always a favorite for me
It was my favorite channel when I had cable. It's really the only thing I miss about it.

The best thing I ever saw on there was Neil Young's BBC show. Amazing stuff.
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vh1 classic is like mesmerizing. i started watchin @ 8 AM & told my friends i'd meet them for lunch @ 12.. one of them called me @ 6 2 tell me she's getting rid of my tv cause it's the 3rd time that's happened
you just witnessed the heart-stopping, door-locking, history makin, pants-droppin, earth-shakin, body quakin, lip-quivering, body-tickilin, love-makin fang
see im not even sure what channel it is

i have Cox digital cable, if anyone with it knows
I don't like it because they're always showing the same 4 concerts in repeat every day. I'm not exactly wanting to see Skynard at Grey Whistle Test every single time I turn the channel on.
ya.. in those types of things they always get to involved with rap and that oldskool crap which led to todays rap.. i mean, not necesarially the seven ages of rock (or maybe it does im not sure) but those type of shows get to deep into the rap scene.
Love it ... to bad I dont have it. I have to watch it at A friends or at my sisters.
I personal like Classic Concerts. Also metal mania isnt bad also Classic Albums, and well anything else that come on there.
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