Ok so I moved bout 8 months ago & left a resonably succesful band in NSW & I'm looking for my 3rd project I play mostly Bass but have done some rhythm & Lead work.
I am willing to play most music from Soft Accustic to Death Metal but I prefer Classic Rock, as well as the usual crowd pleasers such as Greenday, Blink etc..
Post in this thread or PM me for more details!
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Hey man, hows it goin! Just seen ur ad. Me(jamie) and a mate have been jamming now for a while and have gotten really tight, with me playing guitar and ryan (drummer) playing everything from thrash/metal/rock/punk anything really, we do it for fun atm, just jamming u know, but are looking for a bass player and a singer.. if ur keen to give it a go jus email me at the_liar@msn.com. I use 2 ibanez guitars, one s540 and a RG J custom through a triple x stack and a few pedals, and ryan has a huge pearl custom kit for outdoors and a roland electric kit that ****in pumps through his p.a give me a yell man - jamie