It's times like these we all miss the pear
Alice in Chains, Days of the New, Tool, and The Meat Puppets... these are a few of my favorite things
Omfg Why BURRIT0!? why!?

That was from like 5 months ago, how do you remember that?

btw. i EAT burritos
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whao thats huge!!

(im looking in my pants)
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You are god, floppypick


If that's how you read my name, leave a message saying so on my profile
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Omfg WHY BURRIT0!? WHY!???!1!!!?!!!!!?!!!

I've been waiting for you to make a thread. Thanks for the birthday present.
You know what? No. Just No.
Because of you, you made me burn my pizza because i was checking under my desk for spiders. Now its burnt and i don't want to eat it anymore. I am sick of your shenanigans.
SeveralSpecies, I am only afraid of Beige Folding Chairs. The kind that are easily brought out and formed in to army of chairs in about 20 minutes. Those kinds. Lol chair makes me die of laughter every time i see him......"lol"