I am by no means a begginer player, but after playing tons of metal I wanna get into some jazz. But I don't know where to start! So, can anyone give me some pointers of where to start playing jazz? (ie websites, songs to learn...)
Get your hands on a real book. Learn the melodies, do a little chord-melody stuff if you want(playing the chords...with the melody :O a la Joe Pass), screw around with improvising, work with trying to integrate different tonalities. Remember that jazz often thrives off of non-diatonic melodies and notes outside the scale.

I'm a bit of a beginning jazz player myself though, so I don't have a whole ton of advice.
Start listening to as much of it as you can then go from there.
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1. learn tunes, i would suggest c version 'the standards real book' by sher music co - great from any point of view
2. learn chords in all 5 positions probably from a good teacher
3. learn walking bass lines + comping
4. learn scales, arpeggios and licks, the great place to start is http://bolpand.org
5. put all together
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Start listening to as much of it as you can then go from there.

check out jazz musicians on youtube
Start out be checking out, Miles Davis (buy his album Kind of Blue), John Coltrane for some jazz shredding, and Herbie Hancock to name a few.

Intensive listening is the most important part.
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start learning the top 10 standards so you can sit in with a local jazz band