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Jackson Pro Series KE3 Kelly™
14 39%
8 22%
Vendetta 4F
2 6%
Razorback V 255
2 6%
Em-2 Custom FX
0 0%
Prophecy Futura FX
6 17%
1 3%
Other guitar
3 8%
Voters: 36.
Alright, so I play a lot of metal like megadeth, metallica, ozzy and such, and I'm looking into a new guitar. I am thinking about:
Jackson Pro Series KE3 Kelly™ $700
Dean MAB-1 armor flame $??? <--would like to know
Dean Vendetta 4F $630
Dean Razorback V 255 $1100
Epiphone EM-2 Custom FX $400
Epiphone Prophecy Futura FX $700
Ibanez STM1 $800

I am not leaning towards any brand, I just want 24 frets, floyd rose, and humbuckers (pref. EMG's or maybe Dimarzio)
Any other suggestions for guitars would be appreciated!
go the jackson man they are awsome.
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the futura i'veplayed one great guitar and relatively cheap and a originalfloyd and 81 85's
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
Go for the Kelly, my buddy has one, its awsome!!
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I want a tube now!!
I'd personally go for the Kelly.
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the deans there are really over priced for what you get

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get the MAB-1 it kickass features and looks cool

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