so i want to buy this used guitar but know if its worth the price its a
Ibanez RG560( isnt maked any more) With Dimarzio fred pickup and a Seymor Duncan Full Stack Pickup. i will mostly use it for metal And rock but also ALOT to
Jazz-Fuzion, but the question is:

1. the guy want to pay 823.95 for it, should i see if i can get it lower?

2. whis Rg model that is made know do remind most of it?
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most similar to rg1570 i guess. i dunno if it's worth over 800, it looks like the ones on ebay go for around 5-600.
Well the lowest to highest pricing is 178.99 to 550.00

So yea i would say its a bit over priced.. Hell i got mine for free lol..... But dont get me wrong that guitar is killer and is one of the better products that Ibanez has put out... New they were about a 600-800 guitar..