Ok, so starting from the beginning (I may be adding unnecessary information) but I have not been playing long at all, but for certain songs I do know how to play, I was wondering if there was a way to strum the songs...

Ok, this is kind of random I will try to explain it further.

So in this song, my guitar is in Drop D tuning and I am using Power Chords. The songs plays through as follows...


that is the intro...

I can play it like so the whole way through, and I even know a bit of what the lead guitar does but I was wondering is there a way to take the song pattern I know and strum it in a way that it actually sounds like the song? Are there certain steps I take or something to change the notes, get the notes that sound similar or, I dont know...

If I was not playing on an acoustic I dont think it would matter to me but since I am, I figured I would ask...

If you can understand my rubbish and can help thank you lol. If you need me to try to organize my thoughts better as well, let me know. I just really cant figure out how to put this one down.
You're playing a song and you want a melody to stand out, correct? If you give us an idea of the type of song you're playing someone might be able to help. Some songs can be arranged nicely onto acoustic for the melody to played aswell.
Ok, so songs like Sugar we're going down among other FoB songs, Swing Swing by The All American Rejects and stuff like that... I have heard acoustic versions of a few of the songs but just cannot figure them out you know...
well i dont know those songs particularily, but if you want to change an electric lead into strumming, first find out what key its in (like G or A) . aslo figure out what scale the lead is playing in and strum the chords. Like if hes playing the G major scale you would strum a G get it? if you dont know how to do this look up some theory, this site has some good lessons
Is it the strum pattern you are currently using that sounds off, yet the power chords sound right? If so, try this. With your fret hand, mute all the strings so that none of them sound out. Spool up whatever song it is on your cd player that you are trying to play, then just start strumming along with the song. You don't want to make any sound come from your guitar at this point, just get the right strumming pattern down pat. Once you have it, then add the power chords back in and it ought to sound right.
To Trapper33: ok, thank you I will look into that... I don't know much about that stuff at all lol but yea...

To LeftyDave: I don't think we are on the same page... I can totally play along with the Power Chords the whole way through, that is all good and fine and stuff... but I when I play alone, I think it sounds kind of lame or the song doesn't sound much like it without the other instruments you know unless the people around me know what I am trying to do... It could also be I am trying to play the wrong type of songs but I have heard Acoustic version of some of the songs I want to learn but I do not know how to play them and I can't find them on this site or whatever.
I get it, you're trying to do you're own version of those songs, but "unplugged" right? Acoustic versions of songs? It's not all that difficult, but you really need to know the song first in order to pull it off. Power chords don't work quite as good on an acoustic as on an electric. They just don't have the same impact, and sound a bit thin. Try substituting fuller sounding chords for those power chords. You'll get a bigger sound from an acoustic that way. The chord progression DDGGBBGG isn't at all hard to do, and on an acoustic, you can simply use full open chords to get the sound. Is this more what you were looking for?
Yes, that is what I am trying to do. So how do I do it tho... With that progression I think it sounds weird using those chords and a I have not yet been able to play a decent sounding B lol
Ok, so try different voicings for those chords and see how you like them. A D chord can be played all over the neck, and will change flavor depending on where you play it. Same with all the others. Instead of a B major, try a B7 and see if that's easier for you to play. You're not locked into any one set of rules here. Well, you are, but we won't go there now, lol. Mix it up and see how different things sound to you. I'd suggest you do a search for a chord diagram chart, but try to get one that has multiples of each chord grouped together, like all the A chords on one page, all the B's next, and so on. It's a lot easier to experiment with the chords that way. I have some of them saved on my pc, but being a lefty, they are written backwards unless you're a lefty too.
Well, I've heard the acoustic songs for those, and they really didn't change it a lot...

I've played 'Sugar, We're Going Down' with a strum pattern that I thought sounded good... the generic sixteenth notes are a little boring on an acoustic.

Anyway, you don't need to change the notes at all. It's just finding a strum pattern you think sounds good.
No, I am a righty :p I found a few charts before tho. I will try and find them again and play around...

To Emoishboy: Well, what strum did you use? and you used the basic chords for the song?