My guitar stands leg bent, and my bass fell pretty hard, well it sounded bad. But now im getting a lot of noise when i play the A string, it hits the frets and makes a buzzing sound. Im wondering if i should retune it tommrow, or will this need to be taken into a guitar shop?
If the string keeps hitting the frets, then all you have to do is raise the action.
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Check the tension across the nut and across the saddle. It's probably in the bridge, so yeah, raise action.
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If the string keeps hitting the frets, then all you have to do is raise the action.

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i think you should just take it into the shop, the neck or bridge mightve been damaged a bit

My epi SG had a fight with the floor once and the neck was almost falling off, the bolts were kinda coming off.
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basses fall sometimes. you should check the nut for damage. check the saddles on the bridge, maybe the A string has slipped from it proper position. if the head hit the ground first check for damage to the tuning keys(machine heads). if it's not playing properly, and you can't find the reason, have it looked at. it's propably something minor. my bass fell over last week-end (damn Fender "folding" stand), but it did survive, with no visable damage.
it might have bent the neck a lil try adjusting the truss rod

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if the above doesn't help, take it into a shop. Most places will tell you what's wrong with it after looking it over for free, but will charge a fee to repair it for you.

if you damaged it you probably can't return it.