just looking for some advice on which guitar i should get..
1.Jackson KVX10 X King V Electric Guitar(Black) -$538
2.B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST Electric Guitar(Trans Red)-$753
3.Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Custom(Silverburst)-$645

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Hmm...i'm a les paul fan so i'd go with the epiphone...but don't get a custom...they are just an EP LP standard with a fancy paintjob....go for a Epiphone les paul Ultra or LP ultra II...personally i'd say go with the LP Ultra II airego it looks ****in amazing, has that NanoMag pickup....awesomeness
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Don't go with the B.C. Rich, I would recommend getting a Epi LP Standard, the Custom is not worth so much more than a Standard. A V is not comfartable if you play sitting. But it's not like anyone here can decide for you, we just give som advice.
depends what kind of music would you be playing on these guitars.. if metal etc.. i would get the jackson, while the others you can also play metal on, any guitar for any style.. but the jackson will give you a better heavy crunch on the power chords.. much more bassy sound less thin...
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