Hello. I've been playing guitar for a few years now and I'm good.

I play other instruments too.

In the bands that I've been in that play the br00talz, I've always been the drummer, and just taught and played the guitar myself in my bed room with just my small Fender Frontman 15w amp, and it suited me for not being a serious guitarist.

A serious musician but not a serious guitarist at the time. Anyway on every amp I've ever used for guitar, I have treble and bass at 10 and mid at 0. And gain on 10. and usually on every amp I've tried I can get something that sounds pretty good.

But I joined a band recently and they play shows so I needed to get a amp that played shows instead of my 15w fender frontman practice amp.

So I got a Marshall MG100HDFX head, and Marshall MG412B cabinet, for $100. For the price, I couldn't say no. And it would be able to play shows. So I bought it.

Well anyway, when I got home with it I set it to my EQ settings, and it didn't sound very good like I'm used to. It was a mild distortion. My fender frontman made a more metal distortion than this. So I wasn't that mad because the distortion fit some styles of music

and I figured I could just get a pedal to give me a good distortion. In the past I've used the Boss Distortion and The Boss Mega Distortion and they sounded really good to me. But usually I was satisfied with my amps distortion and didn't need a pedal so I never got one. So I had to get a pedal. So I got The Boss Metal Zone. It was only $20 used so it wasn't that bad of a deal because when I got home I looked it up and saw that they are like 80-100 new, and it was in like new condition.

Well I hate the pedal. It looks cool and has a good color scheme, but makes my amp sound even worse than it already did. The only thing I like about the amp is the digital effects, and who uses effects all the time? So I need a good pedal.

So I'm getting rid of my Metal Zone. I'm going to take it to a music store and sell it. How much will I get for it?

But here's where I need your advise! MY FRIEND HAS A BOSS MEGA DISTORTION. It has a lot of knobs like the Metal Zone, but it has a better sound. I know it's a lesser priced pedal. But I'm wondering if I should trade him pedals? Since he doesn't use his anyway.

But wouldn't I be getting ripped off money wise or does it not matter since I like the Boss Mega Distortion better? I like the Boss DS-1 pedal the best, but that's even cheaper. If I took my pedal to a music store would I be able to get enough money to get a Boss DS-1 Distortion, or a Mega Distortion? Or trade it for two lesser valued pedals?

Or are there any other good distortion pedals you think I could get by trading in my metal zone?
Please help me!
By the way, my sound is similar to that of Daisy Berkowitz, when he was in Marilyn Manson. So if you're familiar with the CD Portrait of an American Family, then that's the tone I enjoy and strive for.

I also have a Gibson Faded Special SG with EMG 81 in the bridge, and an EMG 85 in the neck. They take a 9v battery.
everyone will tell you to get a new amp. but for 100 bucks i probably would have gotten the MG half stack as well. its 100 friggin bucks!!

uhhh try out the boss metal core, digitech distortion factory, metal muff, see how you like them.
To be honest, EMG's only really shine when you use a tube amp. And you wouldnt be getting ripped off, cos I've rarely heard good tone and a metal zone in the same set-up. Apart from Cannibal Corpse, but they use mesa's, which I suppose would explain why. And save up for a better amp, it'll be worth it in the long run.
digitech death metal or digitech metal master?
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Well I wouldn't have gotten the amp if it wasn't $100. Like I said, I just couldn't say no. It was something that will temporarily get the job done.

I'm saving up for a Blackheart 100w Hammerhead. I don't think they have them in stores yet, but they are on the Blackheart website so by the time they come out I should have enough money saved to get one since I imagine it won't be that expensive. I will also eventually get the matching cabinet with vintage 30s in it but in the meantime i'll have to use my mg cabinet.

But see in the meantime, I just need a better distortion pedal but don't want to get ripped off... I mean, if I traded my friend, I'd be more happy with the sound I imagine, since I hate the metal zone, but my friend would think he's ripping me off, since he thinks my pedal is better than his.

So is there a distortion pedal that's better than the Bosses that is in the same price range as a used Metal Zone?
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digitech death metal or digitech metal master?

I've heard really good things about the Metal Master. I didn't know it was made by Digitech though, and I've heard bad things about them... So I don't know... I guess I'll have to try it out myself. Hopefully Guitar Center will have digitech pedals and let me hook it up to an MG half stack so I can actually test how it would really sound.