What's up guys, wondering if you could help. I'm running a 3 channel Triple Rec through a oversized recto 4X12 cabinet, with a Maxon od808 through the effects loop along with a ns-2 in both the effects loop and front of the amp (looking to upgrade this when I get paid) I'm also playing an ESP MX 250 II.

Right, I'm trying to dial in the right tone, but I've noticed the bass is quite farty(!!) in places, it sounds fat, but then it's got that frequency that sounds absolutely ****. Will this be sorted out by an EQ in the effects loop or is it a speaker issue?

Should the OD really be in the FX Loop? The Maxon should be used to tighten up the bass.
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In the front of the amp to me it makes it sound really ****ty. Sounds to much like a pedal to me, so I tried it in the FX loop and it sounds like it's not there to be honest, just tightens it up nicely enough
OD's belong in front of the amp.

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Yup. And remember to set it to boost lotsa level and keep the gain right down.
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