atm i am doing cwk on how the concentration of acid affects the rate of reaction

the experiment is

hydrochloric acid of different concentrations and how fast it reacts with calcium carbonate and this is shown by how long it takes to displace 10 cm cubed of water with the CO2 gas.

i have all my data and want to know how to measure the rate of reaction for each different concentration
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you divide it by the concentraition of acid/amount by the time in secounds not minutes
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at the start of your investigation, hypothesis or introduction, mention the collision theory and all factors that affect rate of reactions, pressure, temp, concentration and surface area
from there for more marks mention how each will be controlled if possible all fair test crap, that is if you are being assesed on more than recording and graphing skills

*sigh* i remember doing this in iGCSEs, IB is so much work =(