so i got a pedal kit from general guitar gadgets (BSIAB2) and am just figuring out all the resistors and stuff and i have a lil problem identifying the diff between two
basically one is 120 ohms and the bandings go brown-red-black-black-brown
but there is another taht is 10K that is brown-black-black-red-brown (the previous one the other way around)
how can i tell the difference between the two?
thanks in advance
the bands should be off centered a little bit... start reading with the band thats closest to the edge of the resistor.
10k is coloured brown black orange....remember that the band which is seperate from the others is the tolerance.
biasing doesn't matter. It makes no difference which way you connect it m8
an electrolytc capacitor is polarised. on one leg at least there must be a sigh either a minus or a plus sign. + si for positive terminal and - is for negative termimal