as you see on the title... what's better? the C1 Hellraiser (the one that doesnt have the floyd rose tremolo system) or the ESP LTD EC1000?
give me pros and cons about them...
The Hellraiser is very light. It has great upper fret access, unlike the EC-1000, wehre getting to the 22nd fret and above is a stretch. They will essentially sound the same if you get the EMG equipped Eclipse, although the Hellraiser is more versatile since you can split both humbuckers. Both are great buys, but I think the Schecter is a better value.
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Hellraiser has a longer scale, so it's better for tuning down. I've heard Schecter have very chunky necks, though. The LTD's neck is slightly thinner and flatter than a Gibson's.
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I was confronted with the same choice... i chose the ec-1000, because i preferred the tone and the neck.. I had the one with duncans, though, as i dont like active p'ups. The schecter also has better 20+ fret access... so it really depends on wether you would prefer being able to shred at the 20th fret or the feel of the ltd's neck. I would say both guitars sound great, the tone is a matter of choice. dont be put off by the LTD's les paul shape.. its actually quite light and very comfortable.
It's really a matter of personal preference. They are both great guitars. Go to the nearest guitar shop and decide for yourself.
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