Right, last night while drunk, trying to plug the ethernet cable into my xbox, this bit broke.

Is it possible to just replace the end of the cable, or do I need a whole new cable?

It's all routed up my stairs and stuff, so just replacing the end would be rather useful.

Oh, and btw, it won't stay in the xbox or anything, and tape didn't work.
whole new cable
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because there is also a gibson squire, and they don't want to get them confused

Whoever designed phone/network cables to have jacks like that should be shot, they're terrible for breaking.
Yeah, so it's not possible to just replace the end? The cost is not a problem, it's just to save ripping this cable out, and fixing a new one in.
umm, I'm pretty sure it is possible to replace that end... I just don't remember how :S
Nah, isn't looking like it's possible now that I look at it closely. Well, it will sit in my pc without falling out, guess I'm just without xbox live for a while.
I think the input part that goes with that is broken, so basically the cable doesn't click in properly. Mine seems to stay in fine as long as I don't touch it. There must be something you can use to keep it connected.