very nice!
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Nice, I don't really like the star on the fretboard but as long as you like it then great.
Got on the bus with me daysavaaaa
Happy new guitar day!
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It's very nice but there is an official post pics of your gear thread stickied at the top of the page.
I wish I had tallent and ability.

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yeah i kinda like when people just post their own thread. that way i can look at their stuff and comment on just that. Those other ones you have to through a million guitars and usually a lot of them are being discussed. Just look at it as a new topic... the c-1. wasnt doing it just to show it off. Was hoping some other people had one and would post their pics of their c-1 and conversate.
That's not a 6505+...

Nice guitar though.
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yeah i just got that bugera 333xl yesterday. I also have a 6505+. I'm digging the bugera way more though. Doubt ill even use my 6505 anymore. ive got pics of my 6505 on my myspace if you wanna check it out.