heres the deal, im changing the strings on my jackson and while i have the strings off i was thinking of changing the bridge pickup. the pickup in the guitar now is a dimarzio hs-3 humbucker, it sounds too thin and just not packing a good punch. i have another pickup which i got from my esp/ltd viper which is an emg-hz for the bridge position. my question is which pickup would be better for the bridge position of this guitar. im not knowledgeable about pickups but i know that an emg-hz isnt a great pickup either, but do u think the HZ would be less thin and pack more of a punch?
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No. The HZ is a pathetic excuse for a pickup. I'd say either keep the HS-3 or buy a Breed, X2N, Evo, Super Distortion, D-Activator, or any other high output pickup from DiMarzio's army.
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HZ's sound like cheese wire...i know i have one
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