Ok i need to purchase an amp, i currently have a really really bad £20 or so amp, its awful. Now i've looked at reviews for all of these amps and they all have very good reviews, but the reviews don't seem to stress which ones suits nice Buckley style clean playing, think Hallelujah guitar, and then you know the amp i want. I also want to be able to play some slightly heavier stuff, think Last Goodbye and So Real. So i've narrowed it down to 3 amps, which one shall i choose. Im going to be playing it through a really bad fake Strat, but later a Baja Tele (in about 3 years, i probably would of saved up for another amp anyway) The Microcube seems good, but can it handle a clean sound at high volume, and is it really that loud. The Roland Cube 20x, i know its good with overdrive, gain all that stuff, but is it a good sounding amp with any settings, especially clean. And the Vox i just want to know whether it is good.

So please help me in deciding which one i shall buy, and bare in mind i'll be buying it over the net, and so can't play them. And i've seen all the Youtube demonstrations but they relaly dont help...

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the micrcube is really good for practising in your room.
but it cannot really reach louder than a loud drummer.

EDIT: why dont you go down to your guitar store and try them all out, compare all the different things ect. remember to use your guitar, because an amp with a $4000 gretsch in it will sound better than with a $200 strat copy in it.
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Out of those you've mentioned, the Vox is the best. I used to own one. Why not look into one of these amps?



You could also look at the Fender Pro Junior and the Fender Vibro Champ.

Or, like I said the last time you made one of these threads, the Harley Benton GA15

But if you must get a modelling amp, then go for the Vox.
My last thread was slightly different, i was hoping to get an electric guitar out of it... And i didn't get that much help
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So what amp will it be, i need help quick as i want to buy a new amp farely quickly
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What doesa modelling mean, and forgot about the cube 20x, i meant the cube 30x
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COSM amp modelling is a technology found in roland cubes to simulate other amps sound. Will you only be using these in a practice setting?
I'm only going to be using for homeplaying. My style think jeff Buckley
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You already got like 3 answers.
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Well, i only now about the Microcube, I played it once, and it sounded really awesome to me.

Good luck on your searcg for a amp
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Damn it. Vox or Microcube. The decison comes down to which one has better cleans at loud volumes, which i don't know. so please help
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Loud? The Microcube can't go very loud, if you mean loud as in other-people-playing-at-the-same-time loud.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
The microcube has great cleans, but is not good enough for metal. Although, for the portability of it, I'd get it.