I dont understand I try to hit the strings with my fingers but it doesnt produce the same sound as when I watch people do it.
You may need to just keep at it, until a calous develops on your right-hand finger as well.

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yer, you hit the string and kinda bend a tad and let go, that works for me

get me?
fret, hit with say right index, bend slight and let go and so on!

you want some tension and you gotta tell that string "NO! you are NOT going back to original spot of being still, keep vibrating!!"
when you tap, do you mute the strings you arent hitting with your right hand?

figured this be an okay place to ask
I'm in the process of learning some taping too...I hit pretty hard, adn pull-off quickly, as already mentioned...and I am just starting to get a calous myself on that finger. Good luck...and the Metallica - One solo is pretty easy...just fast. It's what I'm workin on.
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