Alright, i've been trying to learn guitar off and on for a few years now. I started out with a Squier Strat Pack and recently i've been playing a whole lot. My Frontman amp is horrible and since i'm getting better I can tell the guitar isn't quite cutting it. I will be purchasing a Roland Cube most likely but i'm stuck on a few guitars to get.

My budget for the guitar is $400 - $450

My effects include a cheap Digitech RP50 and a Digitech Metal Master distortion pedal

I like to play mostly hard rock, Metallica, Slayer (well i try to play it), disturbed, etc.

I've got my head set on 3 guitars mainly but i would take other suggestions, however I still want to know the differences between these three:

ESP JH200:

Jackson DXMG:

Ibanez RG350MDX:

I know that the best tremolo out of the 3 is the ESP with the Kahler, but how do the liscensed floyd rose and the edge 3 compare to it? Is it enough to get the ESP over the others?

Also, I know the EMG HZ's on the Jackson are probably the best pickups out of the 3, would this be enough to warrant getting that over the others?

Thank you for all your help. Sorry if i'm a noob at this
I'd say it's between the JH-200 and the DXMG. Both have similar pickups (LH-301's are basically just HZ's with ESP written on them). HZ's are NOT good pickups, btw. They sound like poop. But at least the DXMG and JH-200 have decent hardware, instead of the problematic Edge III. If it were me, I would go with the JH-200, because I prefer ESP necks, and the pickups can always be replaced. Just make sure you go to a shop and compare them for yourself.
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The Edge III is widely unreliable, with knife edges that wear and generally cheaper parts/construction. The Jackson LFR is pretty good - most people don't have any complaints. Not sure about the Kahler on the LTD.

If you can stretch your budget a little, I'd suggest a Schecter C-1 FR.
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ibanez theres not a bad review for that guitar on this site
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OUt of those 3 i would probably go with the Ibanez.
Although if im going to be honest with you i would look around a bit more.
check out schecter they make nice guitars.
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ibanez theres not a bad review for that guitar on this site

i own it, reviews are unreliable, even i gave it a good review
So it sounds like the ESP or the Jackson would be my best bet.....

hate to say it but I don't think i'll be getting a schecter. I don't really like the way they look at all. I know it shouldn't be based on looks but i'm not getting something I dont want to look at.

Any other suggestions or should I just go with the ESP?
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as tempting as it is, I wouldn't go for the Ibanez. A lot of people say the Edge is awesome, and the rest say its total crud.
As for a Schecter, I'd suggest this
its almost the same thing as the DXMG except w/ different inlays, and slightly different EMGs.

How are the EMGs different? It's the same crappy HZs.
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How are the EMGs different? It's the same crappy HZs.

really? sorry.
I was choosing between the DXMG and the Damien FR about a month ago and I thought the pickups were the same. I guess I misread/remembered wrong
get the jackson, but go for a dk2 instead unless you want emgs, the dk2 is more versatile and plus jacksons have way better necks than esps(imo), just go to a store, try them out and see which you like better
ok 2 things, get a good amp,tube amps are always best,
I was playing a friends crappy starter epi tele through my tube amp and even I was surprised at how nice it sounded,

2nd I wouldnt get the JH200, most sig series arent worth it at low cost levels, LTD 200's are cutting it close I just sold my M-200 which was amazing and reliable, the only reason I sold it was it wasn't my style anymore
so go 200 or better with ESP
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